SAnToS Laboratory

Specification, Analysis, and Transformation of Software


SAnToS Lab conducts both theoretical and applied research on a range of topics in programming language semantics, analysis, and software engineering. The laboratory is an outgrowth of the programming languages group in the Computer Science Department, Carl R. Ice College of Engineering at Kansas State University.

Current Projects

  • Sireum: A High-Assurance System Engineering Platform
    • HAMR: High-Assurance Model-based Rapid Engineering of Embedded Systems
    • Awas: An Information Flow Analyzer and Visualizer for Component-based Systems
    • Logika: A Program Verifier and Proof Checker


  • John Hatcliff, University Distinguished Professor
  • Robby, Professor
  • Jason Belt, Research Associate
  • Hariharan Thiagarajan, Research Assistant
  • Matthew Weis, Research Assistant